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No more News-FOMO!

 Paper Pass is your personal news playlists - up-to-date and indivualized! Our wide range of interests combined with high quality news sources form your customized news feed. With our city filters you are always informed about what's happening in your city and surroundings!


Always up to date

to the topics you are interested in 

Enjoy your News-Playlist

individually created for you 

Expand your horizon 

through many more sources and
further exciting topics

Why Paper Pass?

An app for every newspaper... adds and cookies everywhere... many articles behind the paywall...

We at Paper Pass are passionate about news & background stories because we want to be informed about world events. Every day, however, we are flooded more or less randomly with news, whether it interests us or not.

Despite this news overflow, we constantly have the feeling that we are missing the most important things, as exciting articles are spread across various sources or are once again behind the paywall...

In the future, we would like to provide you with all the news and background information that interests you. That's why we are working on constantly expanding our offer and reducing paywalls.

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We offer a variety of sources, but we are particularly excited about our collaboration partners:

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About us

Our motivation for Paper Pass is very personal: We simply love to discuss! And everyone always wants to know better, of course... So facts and backgrounds form the basis for our discussions. This is somewhat due to our former job. Here, we always had to gather information from different sources and always be up to date.

It doesn't sound that exciting at first, but over the years we have learned a lot about customer needs. That's why we at Paper Pass also think consistently from the customers perspective. We want to make news and knowledge accessible to everyone, so that alternative facts and half-truths are reduced and reliably researched news reaches many people.

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